NFC Trains New batch of Employees in Spain - Sunday, 27 October 2013

The National Ferries Company (NFC) has sent a new batch of employees to receive training in Spain. The training is part of the contract with the German FRS company to organize various training courses in the operations technical fields.

The current course includes following up on the recent successive advances and developments in the maritime navigation and safety as well as the marine transport activities. The training involves direct contact with the specialized European companies that have extensive international experience in the field of operating vessels and ferries.

In addition, the training provides an opportunity for the crew to gain the necessary skills to provide the best services for customer satisfaction. It is worth to note here that such training programs fulfills part of the NFC’s objectives through encouraging national cadres and providing them with training necessary to assume supervisory and leading positions in future. The objective here is to ensure providing the best maritime transport services for NFC’s customers and the community at large.

Additionally, such programs contribute to maintaining the superior professional standard and good reputation the company enjoyed since starting operations in 2008.