National Ferries Company Poised to Receive Two Ferries; "Shannah," "Jawharat Masirah" - Sunday, 10 November 2013

Last Thursday, November 7, 2013, the National Ferries Company (NFC) celebrated in Vietnam the launching of the company's new ferry "Shannah" into the Vietnamese sea in Vung Tau bay, following the completion of the ferry's building operations by the manufacturing company "Strategic Marine".

A delegation from NFC, joined by the project consultant, attended the launching ceremony that marks setting the ferry into the sea. It is envisaged that the new ferry, during the coming days, will undergo a series of comprehensive technical inspection under the supervision of NFC's technical crew. The inspection tests, i.e. sea trials, will involve speed, stability, and maneuvering, as a first review of the ferries capabilities at sea.

On this occasion, Mr. Mehdi bin Mohamed Al Abduwani, NFC's Chief Executive Officer (CEO), stated that "Shannah is a new addition to the host of economic and investment achievements of the government of the Sultanate in the domestic maritime transport sector. This addition is particularly significant as the launch ensues amid the Sultanate's celebrations of the 43rd National Day." Mr. Al Abduwani added "it is envisaged that the sea trials for the second ferry, Jawharat Masirah, which is also dedicated for Shanna –Masirah route, shall be at its final phase by the end of the month."

With 4 engines each, the two new ferries "Shannah" and "Jawharat Masirah" have a maximum speed of 15 nautical miles and capacity to accommodate 38 vehicles, or 24 vehicles and 4 trucks, in addition to 154 passengers.