National Ferries Company Official Carrier for Muscat Youth Summit 2013 - Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The National Ferries Company (NFC) is proud of being the official carrier for the fifth session of Muscat Youth Form 2013, which will be organized in Wilayat Duqm from 14-19 December 2013. The Summit is organized by the Public Authority for Investment Promotion and Export Development, in collaboration with Sultan Qaboos Higher Centre for Culture and Science.

On Tuesday, 12 November, 2013 His Highness Sayyid Faisal bin Turki al Said, the Chairman of the Summit Organizing Committee, addressed the press conference announcing the preparation for the Summit. In a speech at the press conference, Mr. Mehdi bin Mohamed Al Abduwani, NFC's Chief Executive Officer, thanked the organizing committee for allowing NFC the honour of contributing to the activities of the Summit. Mr. Al Abduwani said "NFC's participation in sponsoring the upcoming 5th session of the Summit this year, as the official carrier, emanates from NFC's keenness to support the success of the Summit by transporting participants from Port Sultan Qaboos to Duqm Port.

Mr. Al Abduwani added "Such participation comes also as a fulfillment of the Royal Directives of supporting youth initiatives. It is also an integral part of the company's original role of social responsibility that complements its developmental and service roles of transporting passengers and cargo, as well as linking the coastal regions of the Sultanate by means of the most advanced and fastest ferries in the world."

He emphasized in his statement that spurring further the strategic partnership with the organizing committee for Muscat Youth Summit is mandated by our deep conviction of the importance of the youth. Additionally, it is due to the strong belief in the youth potential and creativity that they provide and their major role in achieving development.

Mr. Al Abduwani noted that the objectives of Muscat Youth Summit involve noble principles that would enrich the youth capacities and promote further their role in the society in the various fields and specializations. This is manifested in the goals of this year's summit. They include, inter alia, enriching cultural and scientific dialogue among the young participants, promoting an entrepreneurship culture through enhancing a sense of national duty among the youth. It also involves upgrading the youth's digital and electronic awareness and encouraging them to be creative and experience new ideas.

He said "NFC has a rich experience in allowing Omani youth several employment opportunities in a high technology maritime environment that involves working onboard the fastest ferries in the world. You will witness the capabilities of our ferries through your sailing experience on board the ferry as it transports the participants."

In order to promote its activities, the NFC also carries out continuous qualification processes for upgrading the qualifications of Omani youth inside the Sultanate and abroad. As a manifestation of its leading role in these fields, the company won two international awards in 2012, in recognition of its distinguished role in environment protection and Omanizing high tech maritime jobs. The company has also pioneered in appointing Omani female engineers and providing opportunities for Omani stewardesses among its crew.

Mr. Al Abduwani also said "the company made strides in administrative creativity, a field of business that requires capabilities and skills commensurate with the ferries and their nature of operation. The enablement of Omanizing the process of ferries operation by itself is administrative and technical creativity". He added "The Company welcomes any messages from the Summit that carries creative ideas of the youth, whether at the technical, administrative, or tourism operational level. We listen carefully to you."

The CEO of NFC stated in his speech that the company believes that that the youth awareness level and the opportunity availed by the Summit to exchange experiences, skills, opinions, and initiatives with their global peers, will definitely encourage them to promote cooperation and joint effort among them and with other stakeholders in order to achieve the economic development in the Sultanate. Mr. Al Abduwani added "I'd like to indicate that our participation, as the official carrier, comes as a continuous effort to spur further the youth awareness of the importance of promoting Oman as a world class tourism destination. The revenue from such tourism promotion effort will enhance and encourage economic growth."

Mr. Al Abduwani concluded his speech by reiterating his sincere thanks to the organizing committee for allowing NFC the honour of contributing to sponsoring of the Summit's activities and wished the Summit every success during this glorious era under the wise leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, Sultan of Oman.