NFC wins World Responsible Tourism Award for a second time - Thursday, 12 December 2013

The National Ferries Company (NFC) won, for a second year in row, the prestigious World Travel Responsible Tourism Award in 2013. The company's achievement was announced during the World Travel Awards ceremony held in Doha, Qatar early December 2013. Over 1500 candidates attended the event from hotels, travel agents, airlines, and tour operators, in addition to specialized tourism establishments.

NFC was able to come ahead of several global companies and win the World Responsible Tourism Award. This achievement adds to the remarkable record of the company, which won awards 2 awards last year; namely the Middle East Responsible Tourism Award, and the World Sustainable Tourism Award.

The world Travel Award, established in 1993, focuses on honouring the best establishments and companies in the travel sector worldwide, according to opinions of experts and specialists in the travel sector and based on global voting that, involves 171 countries. The "Wall Street Journal" calls this award "the travel sector Oscar."

Following the announcement of the news about the award, Mr. Mehdi Al Abduwani, the Chief Executive Officer of NFC commented said: "It is a great honour for an Omani company to win such global title in one of the most important competitions in the travel sector, after only five years from the company's operations start". Mr. Al Abduwani continued, "This award is a practical testament to the pursuit of the company's successful path, focus on maintaining the highest global standards of performance, and striving to achieve the various objectives of comprehensive development, in addition to being a fundamental partner in the execution of the development plans and projects in the Sultanate."

On this occasion, NFC's chair, members of the board of directors, and the executive management, have the honour by submitting this award to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, the leader of Oman's modern renaissance, as this winning coincides with the country's celebrations of the 43rd National Day.

Mr. Al Abduwani indicated that NFC's main objectives center around three key areas. Firstly, achieving economic growth, through boosting the economic and trade activity among the various coastal regions of the Sultanate, and promoting the tourism sector. Secondly, protecting the natural resources and environment through environment friendly advanced technology. Thirdly, NFC focuses on achieving social development through the excellent services it provides in the fields of creating employment opportunities for the Omani youth, and nationalizing the maritime activity from technical and administrative sides.

Additionally, the company strives to support regional development through extending its services to the small costal population clusters. The company also sponsors several social, media, sports, educational, and environmental initiatives in such a way that contributes to the success of the activities of the various civil societies and non-governmental organizations.

The CEO emphasized that these successes realized by NFC during the past two years clearly reflect the dedication of the company's staff and their continued efforts to provide the best services. He added that the superior quality service that NFC provides to its customers contributed to gaining their trust and wining such globally recognized prestigious award this year, after winning the same award last year at the Middle East level.

This news in Oman Tribune Newspaper