NFC Executive Management Reviews Ferries Facilities in Shanna and Masirah Ports - Sunday, 22 December 2013

As part of its efforts to review the fecilities and other related services for operating its ferries on Shanna –Masirah route, this week, the executive management of the National Ferries Company (NFC) carried out and exploratory visit to both Shanna and Masirah island. NFC's delegation met with His Excellency the Wali of Masirah and discussed the prospective plan to launch the maritime rout and also emphasized the socio-economic benefits that will accrue to all the people of Masirah. The management also met with citizens and listened to their suggestions regarding the ferries project and the challenges and difficulties they encounter while they move to and from the island. The people of Masirah expressed their pleasure and satisfaction with the government drive to launch ferry service to the island in order to alleviate the people's suffering during travel from or to the island.

On another front, NFC announced that the ferries Shanna and Jawhrat Masirah, which will soon be launched in the route, have concluded their comprehensive technical testing, also known as sea trial, that involved speed, stability, and maneuvering. NFC indicated that the introduction of the two ferries to the company's fleet would boost NFC's capacity to fulfill its objectives of providing advanced and distinguished maritime transport services between Shanna and Masirrah and serve the development objectives in general. NFC expects that the launch of operations of the ferries along this route during the first quarter of 2014.