NFC plans to launch marine taxis in Muscat governorate - Sunday, 19 May 2013

The National Ferries Company (NFC) has unveiled a plan to begin marine transportation between the wilayats of Muscat Governorate.
Mahdi Bin Mohammed Al Abdwani, CEO of the NFC, said the company backs the comprehensive traffic study for Muscat Governorate on the short, medium and long run up to 2030.

The study, which was recently completed by Muscat Municipality in tie up with government agencies, came out with many recommendations including providing transport through the ferries company with an aim to alleviate traffic congestion in the Muscat Governorate’s streets. Al Abdwani said NFC plans to provide boat transport connecting the wilayats of the Muscat Governorate. The project will encourage mass transportation means and boost tourism sites on the Muscat Governorate coasts.

He said the proposed marine boats will be provided with features and technical specifications that suit the Omani marine environment.

“Moreover, these kinds of boats don’t need costly facilities during the embarking and disembarking processes, as the terminal will be only a point for transferring employees, students and tourists to and from the marine boats,” he said.

Al Abdwani hoped that the service will be implemented in Musandam Governorate to cover the residential areas in the wilayats of Musandam which could not be accessed by express ferry boats. The success of the service depends upon availing land transport to and from the marine terminals for the boats, he said.

He commended the constant growth in the number of passengers using ferry boats among the coastal governorates.