NFC Wins World's Leading Sustainable Tourism Award 2012 - Saturday, 15 December 2012

The NationalFerries Company (NFC) won the World Sustainable Tourism Award, achieving a newaccomplishment on behalf of the Sultanate. The prize is awarded by World TravelAwards (WTA).
The awardwas received by Ghazi bin Abdullah al-Zedjali, NFC Head of Marketing and Communications at Grand Final Gala Ceremony held in India on December 12th,2012. NFC, owned by the Sultanate's Government, won the prize as a result ofits commitment to global standards in place to achieve the goals of sustainabletourism, and its emphasis on the need to support and develop the local tourismsector, based on the principles of environment-friendly processes.

Graham Cooke, President of WTA said that NFC deserves the award, thanks to itspermanent commitment to the highest standards in employment, hospitality andsocial responsibility, in addition to the successful localization of postsassociated with shipping, compared with the short period of operations of thecompany, and the obvious contribution to national development in general, andthe development of shipping in particular, adding that the company has become amilestone in the global shipping, especially after winning the Middle Eastresponsible tourism award last April.

On thisoccasion, Mehdi bin Mohamed al-Abdawani, CEO of NFC said that this worldachievement is recorded for the Sultanate in the first place, and wecongratulate His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said for his wise vision representedin the establishment of a national company to develop the maritime transportsector, with the latest fleet, so as to achieve the objectives of thecomprehensive development of the Sultanate, adding that the company, sinceinception of its operation in 2008, has provided many job opportunities forOmani youth and achieved (63%) Omanization in various technical andadministrative posts.

He addedthat (32,000) passengers travelled on boards of NFC's ferries between Januaryand November 2012, a 81% rise, and shipped till the end of November 2012 about(5223) vehicles, compared to (2302) vehicles for the same period in 2011.

On his turn,Ghazi bin Abdullah al-Zedjali, NFC Head of Marketing and Communications saidthat the sustainable tourism award affirms that the Sultanate has a clearvision in the area of maritime transport infrastructure, and NFC translatesthis by providing the highest shipping techniques in the service of coastalcommunities, especially smaller ones, affirming its full commitment to socialresponsibility, part of the company's development policies, which come on topof its priorities .