National Ferries Company to play more trips on demand - Wednesday, 15 August 2012

“Theincreasing of the number of trips in the holiday time is an extension of theoperational policy of the company by response to the requirements of travellersand the travel market, and contribute to the increase in the tourism or tovisit family in the various governorates of the Sultanate, the company offers asimple and a new travel options for the travellers according to the highestsafety standards, safety and hospitality”, a statement from the state water transportauthority said.

The National Ferries Company also said that it will work to increase the number oftrips from the second day of Eid, which has been allocated four trips afeedback line (Muscat- Khasab-Muscat), in addition to the allocation of fourtrips on the line (Shinas-Khasab- Shinas) in addition to continue to provideservice on the line (Khasab-Lima-Khasab) almost daily by ferry (Sawqrah), confirmingthat the launch of the company in last May the line of (Shinas-Khasab)contributed to open new tourism horizons.

Nawafbin Abdul Mohsen al Raidan, Director of Call Centre and booking Department atthe National Ferries Company said: “These additional trips come in response tothe growing demand of the guests of the company to travel to the MusandamGovernorate, accompanied by their parents and their friends. We have seen overthe past four years a large turnout towards the use of fast ferries to movebetween the governorates of Muscat and Musandam, which led us to increase thenumber of trips” he added.