National Ferries Company Promotes 3 Omanis to Masters

Recognizing the importance of maritime training and qualification process for all staff onboard the ferries in accordance with the international standards, so as to upgrade the skills and qualifications of Omanis in the maritime field, NFC is proud to announce that 3 of its chief officers have been promoted to Masters. The promotion marks the highest position in maritime navigation. The 3 Omani Chief Officers successfully obtained the Certificate of Competency (COC) to become Masters after fulfilling all the requirements.



Mr. Jamal Al Rahbi, the Human Resource Manager at NFC, stated that in addition to the 3 Omani Masters. Currently, NFC has 3 Omani Chief Officers and 6 Second Officers. The company is embarking on several specialized training programs   in the near future for qualification of the Omanis. He emphasized that national cadres at NFC are assuming supervisory position in the mechanical field. There are 3 Second Engineer Officers, 11 Third Engineers, besides those in the maintenance department where Omani engineers are using state-of-the art technologies in performing their duties.