Above 240K Passengers,




 Above 240K Passengers,

Above 240K Passengers, 62K Vehicles on NFC Board in 2017


The statistical bulletin issued by the National Ferries Company (NFC) indicated that the company carried last year 240,700 passengers, an increase of 9% compared to 220,859 passengers in 2016.


The statistics showed that 62,014 vehicles were carried during the same period compared to 54,078 vehicles in 2016,

 a growth of 15 percent. The cargo volume on the ferry fleet increased by 93 percent to 29,308 tons from 15,179 tons in 2016.


The statistics also indicated that the index of the dates of the departures (Discipline Index) in 2017 achieved 92.5 percent and the reliability of the provided service stood at 94.18 percent.


The 2017 annual statistics show that the number of passengers in the second half of 2017 rose to 132,072 passengers, accounting for 55 percent of the total number of passengers in 2017 and 34,038 vehicles, comprising 55 percent.


The statistical bulletin issued by NFC reported that the Shannah-Masirah line maintained its position as the most used line. The line carried 184,417 passengers, constituting 77% of the total number of passengers, with 51 percent occupation rate, and carrying 56,299 vehicles, constituting 66 percent.



The company's market shares on Shannah-Masirah line reached 34 percent of the passengers and 38 percent of the vehicles. The two ferries (Shannah and Jawahrat Masirah) carried out 2,466 journeys in 2017 compared to 6,525 journeys carried out by the 11 ferries owned by citizens.