Omanisation plan framework NFC sends their staff to supervise the construction of (Shannah -Masirah) Ferries - Monday, 26 August 2013

The National Ferries Company has adopted a general rehabilitation programs in the field of training and qualification of national cadres in various specialized technical fields that consistent with the requirements of the operations and activities of the company. As part of this program, the company has recently been sending four staff members of the technical and the maintenance group to the Republic of Vietnam to supervise and follow-up the process of constructing and designing the two new ferries that are currently being built in Vietnam. The two new ferries are allocated to be in (Shannah -Masirah ) route.

One of the terms of the construction and design agreement of the two ferries, which was signed by the NFC with Strategic Marine Company, stipulates of the training and the participation of the staff of the NFC in the construction and the design processes in order to acquire the experience and technical skills in the field of manufacturing and maintenance, where the technical and maintenance group is trained and qualified through the introduction of the equipments and the machinery that are used in the manufacture of ships and ferries, as well as updating them of the latest regulations and modern technology in the field of maritime navigation and in operating the equipments according to international standards of maritime safety.

Training opportunity shall be offered to other groups of Omani youth to participate in training and rehabilitation programs after the return of the current group. Regarding the training plan that was adopted by the NFC, Azza Mohammed AlBadia, Learning and Development Officer in the Department of Human Resources, indicated that: from the basis of public Omanisation plan policy, the company has developed a specific timetable on implementing Omanisation plan in various administrative and technical positions, where the percentage of Omanisation in the company until the end of last July was 70%. The company is seeking to enhance this ratio in the next few years through developing and nurturing the skills of the Omani youth in the evolved maritime shipping activity, as well as through scholarship programs in specialized colleges in the Sultanate or abroad scholarships, or through hosting of lecturers from international experience areas to organize training courses for employees.

Azza AlBadia explained that the company is giving its full attention to raise the levels of maintenance and operation, especially since the company is currently maintaining its fleet of fast ferries through its national cadres and this is a result of the continued pursuit