During participation in Interferry conference in Malta NFC promotes Oman as a distinguished tourism destination - Monday, 07 October 2013

As part of the efforts by the National Ferries Company (NFC) to spur further its presence in the most important specialized conferences in the world of water , business, and tourism transport , NFC today (October 5tth, 2013) participates in the 38th Annual Interferry Conference from October 6th to 9th 2013 in Malta Republic.

NFC's participation, in such annual gathering of the largest maritime transport companies from the various commercial and touristic fields, aims at presenting the Sultanate's vision for upgrading the various maritime transport fields and also to gain firsthand knowledge of the recent updates of the advanced maritime transport field.

The NFC's delegation is led by Mr. Mehdi bin Mohamed Al Abduwani, the Chief Executive Officer, accompanied by a team from the marketing and communication sector. Mr. Al Abduwani noted that NFC has been keen in participating in such global conference and offering silver sponsorship for the conference. Mr. Mehdi added that NFC is participating for the 5th consecutive year in the conference after recording distinguished presence in the deliberations of the conference in Istanbul, New York, Barcelona, and Dubai. Al Abduwani noted that NFC's attendance this year takes a new dimension particularly that the company has increased its fleet to 4 fast ferries in addition to a shipping vessel, while it is ready for adding two additional ferries toward the end of the year to operate in Shannah - Masirah route.

Mr. Al Abduwani stated that the marketing and communication team will work during the conference activities to attract visitors as well as investors, businessmen, and officials Additionally, the marketing team will gain expertise from direct interaction with the several officials from major companies specialized in the maritime transport. Such opportunity will allow the team to follow up and monitor the recent advances in the field of maritime transport industry, particularly the field of fast ferries, in addition to gaining access to the recent updates on the global best practices in the operation, maintenance, and management fields. The team will also have close looks at the regulations for safety and security, as well as the global environmental and legal regulations enforces in the maritime transport field.

Mr. Al Abduwani indicated the fast ferries transport service has become one of the most favorable options for transport among the coastal areas of the Sultanate for both the citizens and tourists. The total number of passengers on the ferries by the end of September 2013 was about 23637, constituting an increase of 3 % relative to the same period of last year. The vehicles shipping service also witnessed an increase by 8% percent by the end of September compared to the same period in last year.

Mr. Ghazi Al Zadjali, the Head of Marketing and Communication Sector at NFC, emphasized that the participation in such specialized conferences allows an opportunity to come close to the manufacturers and operators from the international firms. This will allow NFC to be acquainted with the most advanced systems adopted in the field of vessels and ferries manufacturing. He added that NFC's participation this year in such gathering that witnesses a wide media coverage by the various global satellite TV channels provides an opportunity to promote the Sultanate as a distinguished tourism destination due to its diversified topography, climate, cultures, and renaissance. This is particularly important as the Sultanate has become one of the most prominent global tourism destinations.