NFC transports over 7K passengers during Al Isra and Al Miraj holiday

The National Ferries Company (NFC) transported 7,638 passengers and shipped 1,596 vehicles on board of 87 journeys in various destinations during the week that included Al Isra and Al Miraj holiday, the NFC statistics showed.

The statistics also showed that 5,769 passengers were transported through Shannah-Masirah route with a 62% increase, in addition to 1,399 vehicles with a 61% occupancy rate. On Shinas-Khasab route, 783 passengers were transported with 87% occupancy rate, as well as 179 vehicles with 99% occupancy rate.

The occupancy rate on Lima-Diba route reached 80% through transporting 799 passengers. The total number of passengers on Lima-Khasab route stood at 207, in addition to 80 passengers and 18 vehicles on Shinas-Diba–Lima route.


The NFC statistics indicated that during the first three months of 2019, the company managed to transport 60,486 passengers, 15,060 vehicles and 3,118 tons of cargo.